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Sign Design and Fabrication is your direct source for 3D sign monument structures. We are the original online "one-stop" sign shop for all your monument signage needs.

The architectural sign structures are fabricated "to order" as a solid polystyrene core. We utilize 3D modeling devices and hot-wire technology to create all the building blocks in your sign structure.

Once all the forms are created, they are then assembled to your monument shape, which is then sealed with a thick layer of fibrous resin. This stage is crucial as it created a protective shell that protects the architectural form. Once this stage is properly cured, the sign monument is finally top-coated with your choice of Industry leading tinted stucco textured finish (Masterwall or Dryvit authorized carrier).

Our sign structures are lightweight enough to ship to any location, and typically costs half that of local sources. Our Monument Signs arrive fully assembled, and are a lifetime, maintenance free product.


Our stucco sign monuments are fabricated in what is commonly referred to in the construction industry as an EIFS stucco system. Here are the technical details and materials used in sign monument fabrication.

stucco sign monument model 11 with v-groove faux marble sign panel

Materials Key >

1. Core of structure is molded expanded polystyrene (1#CF).

2. Aromatic fast cure urethane, impact resistant,
    hard coat finish.

3. Textured finished surface is 100% aggregated acrylic.

4. 3" or 4" PVC (schedule 40) pipe is bonded into center
    of structure.

5. Steel pipe is inserted during installation, and secured with
    expanding polymeric resin foam.

6. Concrete footing (as required by local law).

3D cut away view of monument sign construction

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