100-L Vermillion

101-L White

102-L Fire Red

104-L Bright Red

108-L Maroon

109-L Metallic Gold

110-L Copper

111-L Brass

114-L Medium Brown

115-L Dark Brown

116-L Ivory

117-L Tan

120-L Coral

124-L Orange

130-L Primrose Yellow

132-L Lemon Yellow

134-L Chrome Yellow

142-L Emerald Green

143-L Process Green

144-L Medium Green

148-L Dark Green

149-L Aqua

150-L Blue Green

151-L Robin Egg

152-L Light Blue

153-L Process Blue

154-L Peacock Blue

155-L Reflex Blue

156-L Brilliant Blue

158-L Dark Blue

160-L Violet

162-L Purple

163-L Magenta

164-L Dark Magenta

165-L Rubine Red

168-L Salmon Pink

191-L Imitation Gold

193-L Metallic Silver

195-L Medium Gray

199-L Black

Due to differences in monitor resolutions and color depth, it is impossible to view a 100% color match.
These color examples are provided for reference only.

*The Pantone Color Guide was developed for the Printing Industry for use to color match printing inks.
If you have a specific Pantone color in mind, we can match it, but can not guarantee 100% accuracy.

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